Why not open your own Irish store? without the stress, our franchisee team are hear to help with experts in retail with over 30 years experience, take advantage of our in house marketing, unriveled buying power. We have also waved all royalty fees for the first 3 franchisees

The Hapenny Bridge franchise offers you the opportunity to own your own business as an independent retailer with the support and knowledge of dedicated, Sales, Marketing, Advice on Human Resources, IT and Store Design Teams, ensuring you make the most of your business.  



  • Unrivalled buying power
  • Consistent Marketing support 
  • Access to exclusive  brand lines 
  • Modern store design and layout
  • Assistance for range, merchandising and category planning to suit your store
  • Dedicated support team from fresh food advisors to store support managers
  • All the necessary assistance to grow your business 
  • Innovation through products and services
  • Full training to open your business
  • Ongoing operational support.
  • Brand marketing and health & safety support Info
  • exclusive products to your store in Spain
  • We have waved all royalty fees for the first 3 stores. Reserve your spot now!

any questions please Email:

Franchise handbook: 


The Ha'penny Bridge Authentic Irish store, Started with a major case of homesickness, missing all our favourite snacks and goods from home, frustrated relatives sick and tired of long post office queues / crazy postage fees! and not to forget, dragging suitcases full of food to the airport on their vacation or any trip we had back home.  So as a family we got together to bring Spain the best taste of Ireland, We are the very first company to bring Tayto to Spain alongside many more amazing brands. And we are very proud to be the first authentic Irish food / gift store in Spain. The Ha'penny Bridge is more than just a landmark it also represents building a bridge / gap between Ireland and Spain. and our store is well liked in Spain. 

Pre Opening Procedures:

-1st we arrange a call with our franchise manager to go over questions.  

-In store visit you must come to our store for an in person meeting with our franchisor manager. at this meeting you will be provided with a print out of this handbook.

-All locations have to be pre approved by the hapenny bridge. 

-we check the location of your descried area and vet it, part of the vetting process also includes checking if the location you are looking for is not within a 50 mile radius of a current franchise location. 

-once location is approved we go over all shop fittings, store layouts, as all stores must be uniform.  

-The purchasing amount of a franchise location  is determined on a case by case basis. 

-set a meeting to sign a franchise agreement. 

Aprox time of set up

-it can take anywhere from  8 weeks  to 6 months approxmitly to get your location up and running correctly prior to our approved opening date to the public, this also includes the setting up of any digital services your company needs, some digital services setups we can provide at an additional cost. please allow for teething errors to arise any teething errors can be ironed out as we understand theory is different to practice, we are here to help amend any teething issues. 


-The location you choose to open and once open under our name The Ha'penny Bridge using our logo the location is deemed to be The Ha'penny Bridge and must remain so at all times.


 -equipment  list will be supplied via email 

you will be required to have the following equipment


-label printer for Spanish requirements 


-store displays 

-any promo stands remain property of the franchisor 

-fridges / freezers. 

a more detailed list will be discussed. 

Inventory requirements:

-we supply you with a list of products all franchise locations are required to have in stock

-all stock must be purchased from the ha'penny bridge franchisor or via pre approved suppliers. 

-your store must contain a majority of Irish products. 

-all suppliers outside purchasing from us must be pre approved, prior to stocking in the store. this includes full suppliers details with there correct contact incl phone number, email, full address. 

Daily Operations:

-trading hours are set out by the franchise 

-the franchisee dose not need to be present at the store location, but they must appoint a manager the, person who deals with the day to day running of the company on the premises must attend our training. 

- we offer 4 training days within a 6 months period from opening the store. which must be pre arranged. 


- we offer 3 training days within a 6 months period from opening the store. which must be pre arranged. 

Waving of royalties:

-We have waved royalties for the first 3 franchise stores. 

Operations manual:

-A detailed Operations manual is only supplied  after the buy in is complete and signing on the contract we supply you your operations manual prior to your in person training day

-our operations manual TOC / FDD is  a total of 14 pages. and contains the following: Useful information (page 1), Apps /PLATFORMS: ( found on page 2), STOCK ROTATION: (found on page 2) Buying Calendar: (found on page 2) Sales Calendar: (found on page 2) Sale Seasons: (found on page 2/3) Seasonal Items: (found on page 3) Promotions: (found on page 3) Upselling tips: (found on page 3) Displays / Store Layout Tips: (found on page 3) Analytics: (found on page 3/4) SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS / TRICKS: (page 4) Negative Online Reviews: (page 5) Employees: (page 5/6) Training Employees: (page 6), Employment Legal Requirements: (page 6/7) FOOD LABELLING LEGAL REGULATIONS: (page 8) Till System: (page 8) BBF DATES STOCK MANAGEMENT: (page 8) Analytics: (page 9)Loyalty card System: (page 9)  Freshly Baked: (page 9) Online Customer service: (page 9) Emails: (page 10) How to purchase stock: (page 10) How To Request New Products: (page 10) Sale Seasons: (page 10) Visual Merchandising: (page 10/11).In Store Communication:(page 11), POP - Point Of Purchase (page 11) Window: (page 11) Stock: (page 12) Seasonal Items: (page 12) Special Offers Graphics: You (page 12). Useful information: (page 13) -Placing orders:(page 13) -Processing time: (page 13) -Marketing Department: (page 13) -DELIVERY DATES: (page 13) -Official Information: All (page 14) -Buying / Logistics Office Hrs: (page 14) -Office Hours Spain: Our (page 14) -PRODUCTS OUTSIDE OUR LIST: (page 14) -Irish Products: (page 14) 


- We have the right to view your full charted accounts at any can use any software for payroll/ cashflow billing and invoicing, credit card machines/accountancy packages. 

-Legal advice: all advice given to you is for advice only you can appoint your own solicitor. 

-all employees hired by the franchise are the responsibility of the franchisee this includes contracts, and all legality's required.

Facturas / invoices: 

- the franchisee must supply the franchisor with the correct tax papers / paper work for the correct facturas / invoices. failure to supply this information in a timely manner will result in accountancy / facturas delays.  


-all employees hired by the franchise are the responsibility of the franchisee this includes contracts, and all legality's required.


-the franchisee is responsible for local marketing of their store, all marketing must be pre approved via email. 

-the franchisor will be responsible for the overall marketing of The Ha'penny Bridge.

Customer service:

-your store will be provided with its unique email address address for your customers this email address can take time to set up.  you are responsible for your customer service from your location we are on hand to help with any difficulties that may occur 

Placing orders:

- please note it can take 2-8 weeks to get products to our consolidation unit in Irleand, not all our products on our website may be available at time of purchasing even within the lead time. we confirm your order via email, this is also excluding delivery to Spain please allow extra time for delivering to spain. 

-Due to the nature of our business it is not possible to give the  accurate stock details at time of ordering as we have to order the goods from neumours suppliers / manufactures including international suppliers, we have no control over a 3rd party companys stock control. we may partly fulfil your order while you are waiting on products, we may also supply you with an product replacement for out of stock items where possible. 

-we do have products in stock in spain that are ready for next day dispatch / delivery via courier. 

-we can send any product over night from ireland via Air postage to your store in spain this is an express service and is at an additional fee. 

-the term invoice / invoice numbers on our ordering documents are for your order reference only the information on this invoice including prices may not be accurate. and are subject to change. these invoices are not facturas. 

-we will help you with  how our ordering system works

  • retention of title, the title of all goods shall not pass to the buyer until all sumbs due for payment of such goods have been paid in full.

Labelling Of products: 

-it is the responsibility of the franchisor to make sure all products sold in their store to the public contain all correct legal labelling prior to the products being on the shelf for the public.

-due to the low fee of our products for all frnachisors its not possible for our products to be supplied to you containing additional labels we can supply you labels at an additional cost, which is the franchisors responsibility to place these labels on the goods prior to selling said goods to the public. 

-we provide you the information and training on where to purchase our recommended label machine 

Packaging: some of our products will arrive into you that need to be repackaged according to our guidelines / correctly it is the responsibility of the franchisor to make sure all products are packaged/labeled correctly.  we will inform you of the products that need these requirements and what equipment you will need on your training day.  

There is no signature required on the handbook, by paying the buy in and a  franchise location and signing our franchise agreement, this is proof that you agreed and accepted our handbook and accept the t&cs set out above. Our operation manual contains more detailed information on the above. Our operations manual is not supplied prior to a signed franchise agreement and full monies hit our account for the buy in. due to the sensitive nature and trade secrets the operations manual is not to be passed on to any other personal other than the franchisor and must be followed the terms set out in the handbook must also be followed. 



Can I add items to my order?

we can sure try our best to add additional items to your order where possible please email us as soon as you can the sooner we get notified the better chance we will have with making changes to your order with our dispatch teams / fulfilment center

please email us with the following information:

-order number

-item(s) & qtys you want added to your order

Can I request a product? / can you get an item for me?

yes certintly if you cant see what you are looking for we can try our best to source the itme(s) for you. please email us at

How can I pay for my order?

We accept the following payment cards: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro, Electron and American Express. We also accept PayPal, Giftcards and prepaid debit cards.

Please note: All payments must be made online when placing your order.

Payment Issues

If you experiencing error messages when making a payment, firstly, make sure you have inputted the correct details by checking all the information correctly

If your credit or debit card was declined, check to see if your card is expired, out of date or your card billing address is different to the billing address on your boohoo account.

If the above doesn't help, your Credit Card Company or bank will have more information.

If using PayPal, please contact PayPal directly if your payment has been declined.

If you're still facing problems then please contact us with the following information:

  • What operating system you use (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Vista, Mac OS X)
  • What Internet Browser you are using or if via our App (e.g. Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • What payment method you were trying (e.g. PayPal, Visa)
  • A description of the problem and what time the problem occurred.
  • screenshot of the issue if possible.

Where is my order?

as soon as we recive your order our team work very hard including working with international suppliers & fuflment centers to insure you ge the best product ranges in Spain.

We do our best to email you order status updates where possible.

once your order has been dispatched you should receive your tracking detial.

Can I cancel my order?

As soon as you place your order, we’re on it – we know you need it fast! Unfortunately this means we will be unable to make any changes as it’s already being processed at the warehouse (literally within seconds!). You’ll need to place another order or return any unwanted items.

the speed of the order arriving to you vary depending on the shipping method you have chosen, and the items you have purchased, for example a pre-ordered item order would take longer than an in stock item as this/ these products are ordered for you at time of you placing your order. if you do need it faster we suggest you to select your order to be dispatched from Ireland or express shipping.

Missing item(s) from my order?

Sorry an item's missing; please double check it's on your order confirmation, check your emails (including junk/spam) to see if you've been sent an email about it going out of stock or your order could be arriving in more than one parcel. If none of these apply and your expected delivery date has passed, then please head over to our Contact Us section within 24hrs of your order being delivered and we will sort it for you.

My Question is shipping-related?

For any shipping-related inquiries, we work with reliable third-party couriers to ensure your orders are delivered safely and efficiently. If you have any questions about delivery times, tracking, or any other shipping concerns, please reach out to our customer service team. We will provide you with the necessary information and assist you in resolving any issues that may arise during transit

My tracking is showing that the parcel is been returned to sender what happens now?

The carrier has been unable to deliver your parcel to you (you may not have been in or they might not have been able to gain access to your property). If your tracking is showing as being returned to us you can wait for your parcel to come back and we will give you the option to have the order resent to you or a refund when it does.

please note all shipping fees are non refundable, A typical refund will take up to 21 days, that’s 14 days for the parcel to arrive back at our warehouse and us processing with up to 7 days for it to make its way through the banking system. If the carrier was unable to deliver this time it may be worth checking out the carriers app, many of our carrier will allow you to add instructions for the driver or a preferred safe place / neighbour for your parcel to be left with if you're not in. We also have other delivery options such as click & collect and locker collection which may be more suitable for future deliveries.

I received a faulty item what do I do?

We will get this fixed for you ASAP

Please send us an email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Order number
  • Product details
  • Description of the fault

You won’t be able to attach an image of the faulty item just yet but make sure you have one ready for when you receive a reply from us. Please wait until you’ve spoken to our Customer Care team before you return anything so we can make sure we get the correct item to you as quickly as possible.

How do I make a return?

you will first have to notify us for the reason of your return by filling out our online form here

not all items are eligible for a return / refund please see more in our t&c on our website.

once we receive and accept your request we will then provide you with the return address, you will be given the option to ship on your own or we can send you a return label which is deducted from your refund. our store locations can only accept returns only after your return request was received and approved by an online customer service agent prior to making the return in person. without this confirmation the sales assist in store may not be able to asist you.

How do I request a refund?

we understand that sometimes refunds or returns may be necessary. While certain items are non-refundable, such as food, personalized or custom orders, sale items, and shipping fees, we do accept returns on homeware and non-perishable products. Please refer to our refund policy for more information on the specific conditions and procedures.

To start a return / refund process you must fill out the necessary form here

When will I receive my refund?

A typical refund will take up to 14 days + your banks handling time.

If you paid for your order with a gift card, store credit or a voucher, a replacement to the value of the refund will be issued.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated and send you an email as soon as your parcel arrives back at our warehouse, and again when we have processed your refund.

I cant see my refund on my bank statement?

We try to process returns ASAP but some refunds can take up to 14 days to be processed + your banks handling time (up to 7 days).

For some banks and credit cards your refund can show on the same date as the original purchase, sometimes it can also show as the same transaction. If you paid via PayPal it can take up to 48 hours from receiving your refund confirmation email for the refund to show in your account. If your bank account is linked to your PayPal account it can take a further 14 days for this refund to hit your bank account - this is due to PayPal processing times.

Please wait 14 days before contacting us about your refund if you haven’t heard from us yet. If it’s been 14 days, we’ll get this looked into for you ASAP; please email us, with the following details

  • Your name
  • Order number
  • Product name and codes of the items you returned
  • A picture of your proof of postage
  • prove that you where approved a refund.

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  • Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. If you have any concerns or issues with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to resolving any problems and making things right for you.

  • Feedback

    At The Hapenny Bridge, we value your feedback and strive to continuously improve our services. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding our customer service or any other aspect of your shopping experience, please let us know. Your input is invaluable to us, and we appreciate your contribution to our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible service. please fill in our feedback survey here